Top 10 designer wallpapers

There’s a still a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ view associated with wallpaper, not helped by the horror stories of people getting in a pickle putting it up, wallpaper falling down and air bubbles ending up everywhere. But if you learn how to hang it properly – or, better still, get an expert to do it for you – well hung wallpaper can create a stunning effect in your home.

Whether you’re keen to wallpaper a whole room, or simply want to create one wallpapered wall in a room for impact and colour, there are plenty of wallpaper designs to choose from. We’ve rounded up our current top 10 of designer wallpaper favourites. Enjoy!

1. Amy Butler Designer Wallpaper

Designer, Amy Butler, has a great range of wallpaper. Her Fountain design was inspired by trips to India and Indonesia and features a large, ornate motif.

The midnight colour option, featuring a lilac motif on a deep navy background, is particularly striking.

A 10m roll of Fountain wallpaper is available from Godfrey’s DIY for £21.99.

Modern and contemporary purple wallpaper

2. Miss Print Designer Wallpaper

Miss Print specialise in wall coverings with a modern and contemporary feel. Amongst their range, we particularly love the Saplings design.

Inspired by nature, the wallpaper features a distinctive leaf stem design. The paper is available in six different colours and some of the papers are matt, whilst others have a luxurious metallic or pearlescent finish.

Heal’s have the full range of Miss Print Saplings wallpapers in stock, priced at just shy of £60 per roll.

Contemporary designer wallcovering

3. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Designer Wallpaper

Designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has a great selection of wallpaper options available. The Navonna design, shown here in bitter chocolate gets its inspiration from Northern Italy.

The chocolate brown background is coupled with swirls, dots and other patterns in cream and lighter shades of brown. It would look great used as a statement wall in a room decorated in neutral shades, or in a chocolate themed room.

The Navonna bitter chocolate wallpaper is availale from TotallyHome, in lengths of 10m, for £24.99.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Navonna wallpaper

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Navonna wallpaper

4. Sanderson Designer Wallpaper

One of our favourite Sanderson wallpapers (and judging by your responses, the feeling is shared) is the wonderful Dandelion Clocks design.

Based on a retro 50s design, the wallpaper features stylised dandelion in a bold colour combination. We love the Chaffinch shade, but other options are available.

The Dandelion Clocks wallpaper is stocked by various retailers, including John Lewis, where it’s priced at £39 per roll.

If you love this wallpaper design, matching home accessories and fabrics are available too – find more out here.

Designer wallpaper for modern and contemporary homes

Dandelion Clocks wallpaper

5. Barbara Hulanicki Designer Wallpaper

Originally a fashion illustrator, Barbara Hulanicki has been designing interiors since the 90s and now creates highly fashionable, fresh and modern wallpaper designs.

Her Viva design is a modern black and silver square print vinyl wallpaper, which is slightly celtic in nature and very dramatic when in use. The wallpaper is available in rolls of 10m from Wallpaper Direct.

Barbara Hulanicki Viva wallpaper

Barbara Hulanicki Viva wallpaper

If the black and silver isn’t quite to your taste, the Viva design wallpaper is also available in light blue and silver.

Viva in blue and silver

Viva in blue and silver

Another of Barbara Hulanacki’s designs worth checking out are her Disney villains range.

6. Hemingway Design Wallpaper

For a modern, urban industrial style look, how about the Hemingway Red Brick wallpaper?

The realistic wallpaper looks exactly like a red brick wall. The paper comes in rolls of 10m and you can purchase this print from Graham and Brown for £30.

Designer industrial style wallpaper

Hemingway red brick wallpaper

7. Julien MacDonald Designer Wallpaper

Designer, Julien MacDonald, has a striking range of wallpapers, many of which are ideally suited to a modern or contemporary home. In fact, you can’t get more striking than his Easy Tiger wallpaper.

This trendy faux animal print design creates a bold look on the wall – not least as it’s flocked for added effect.

The Easy Tiger wallpaper is available in two colour options (black and white or sandy tiger brown and black) and comes in rolls of 10m. It can be purchased from Graham and Brown for £60 per roll.

Animal print decor decorating wallpaper ideas

Easy Tiger wallpaper

8. Turner Pocock Cazalet Designer Wallpaper

Turner Pocock Cazalet are renowned for producing a range of contemporary wallpapers with a twist. They have some great designs, including owlets and tennis rackets, that prove that unusual subjects can make fantastic wall coverings.

Our favourite is the running zebra, especially in the charcoal grey design. The print mixes gloss and matt effects, and features mirror images of the zebra, and it’s a lovely print to use around your home.

Amongst the retailers selling this wallpaper are Wallpaper Direct, who have various colour options available.

Contemporary designer wallpaper ideas

Zebra wallpaper

9. Fioretti Designer Wallpaper

This Fioretti wallpaper features a striking purple background with a large gold and black flower-like design printed on it. Seen close up, the purple seems quite bright, but when you see it in place on the wall, the colour seems softer.

Either way, if you’d like this wallpaper on your wall, it costs £47 for a 10m roll from Fabrics and Papers.

Designer contemporary wallpaper
Fioretti purple and gold wallpaper
Designer home contemporary wallpaper
Wall adorned with Fioretti wallpaper

10. Mr Perswall Designer Wallpaper

Designer wallpaper doesn’t have to be just for grown-ups – kids (and big kids) will love this colourful Fish Wish wallpaper by Mr Perswall.

Featuring an array of nose-to-tail fish, this rainbow effect wallpaper is brilliant for brightening up a dull room.

It’s not cheap at £65 per roll, but it is gorgeous.

Children's bedroom wallpaper murals

Fish Wish wallpaper

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