Top 10 contemporary sofas


Looking for a new contemporary style sofa for your home? We’ve scoured the shops and done the hard work for you! Here’s our top 10 pick of contemporary design sofas.

1. The bold contemporary sofa

Add a splash of colour and a good dose of contemporary style to your room with this modern Polder sofa. In a rich, red colour, it was designed by Hella Jongerious for Vitra and is super stylish.

The Vitra XXL Polder sofa is available from Nest.

Modern red Polder sofa

Modern red Polder sofa

2. The compact contemporary sofa

If space is an issue, or you’re looking for a second, smaller sofa, then how about this fab compact sofa.

Made from a solid wood frame, and with stainless steel legs, the Laguna compact sofa features a timeless charcoal coloured fabric.

The Laguna sofa is available from Dwell.

Contemporary compact=

3. The fluid contemporary sofa

Contemporary furniture design doesn’t mean just straight lines and cubes, as this fabulous sofa design highlights. We love the fluid, curves and slightly retro feel of this designer sofa.

Made from ecologically sourced wood, it was designed in Italy and finished with a neutral fabric.

The Hudson sofa is by Roberto Lazzeroni and is available to buy from Leigh Harmer.

Hudson designer sofa

Hudson designer sofa

4. The funky contemporary sofa

This original contemporary design Flow sofa was designed for Heal’s as part of their bicentenary ReDiscovers collection.

As the name suggests, the gentle lines flow together to create an elegant design, which is an edgy pop with the use of the orange and tomato colour palette. As as nice addition to the design, one end of the sofa functioning as a love seat style, where you can cuddle up with a loved one.

The 2010 Flow sofa by Kay + Stemmer is available from Heal’s.

Funky contemporary love seat sofa

Flow sofa

5. The multi-functional contemporary sofa bed

You can be forgiven for not naturally associating sofa beds with contemporary design, but this nifty sofa could change your views.

The chocolate faux suede sofa is a multi-function genius. In the day, it can be your sofa, at night it can transform into a flat sofa bed. If you want to read in bed, or sit up, then you can raise one part to put your pillows on. It’s the best sofa bed we’ve come across in ages!

The multi function sofa bed is available from Dwell, who do a great range of other stylish sofa beds too.

Multi function sofa bed

Multi function sofa bed

6. The leather contemporary sofa

This black leather Le Corbusier sofa is made from top quality Italian leather, complemented by a chrome plated steel frame and legs. It’s available in a range of colours – black, white, ivory, chocolate and brown (plus, red, tan and cognac are available to order) and will comfortably seat two people.

Buy it from Go Modern.

Black leather two seater sofa

Black leather two seater sofa

7. The modular contemporary sofa

At first glance this might look like a small sofa, but it’s actually part of the modular Newman range of furniture and is a left arm segment. The sofa units are bought separately, then you put them together to make up your own unique seating arrangement, or simply use it as it is.

The Newman modular sofa elements, which are made from high quality Italian leather, are available in several colour options from Habitat.

Contemporary leather modular sofa

Leather modular sofa

8. The small and zesty contemporary sofa

For a zesty injection of colour, try the Harlem compact sofa. Available in an eye-catching orange fabric, the small but perfectly sized sofa is finished off with hardwood feet.

It’s available from Funky Lifestyles.

Best small contemporary sofa

Harlem compact sofa

9. The chic and roomy contemporary sofa

If you need a big roomy sofa, that can provide plenty of seating (or a great big space for you to relax and rest on), then the retro-inspired Barbican sofa is ideal.

It’s chic and contemporary, with dainty wooden feet, and is available in 10 different fabric colours. It’s shown here in the cossette marble fabric with light feet.

The large Barbican sofa is available from John Lewis.

Large contemporary living room sofa

Barbican sofa

10. The modern quirky sofa

If you love a slightly quirky sofa that’s full of originality, but also provides a comfortable seating solution, then look no further than the Ligne Roset pumpkin sofa.

Originally designed in 1971 by Pierre Paulin for Claude and George Pompidou, the voluptuous sofa is reminiscent of the curves of a large pumpkin.

The gorgeous fresh green version, in the penjab goyave green fabric, can make a real statement in a room. The pumpkin sofa is available to purchase from Heal’s.

Contemporary statement sofa

Pumpkin sofa

(Updated May 2012)

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