The Tam Tam stool

Stone Tam Tam stool

Stone Tam Tam stool

Originally deisnged by plastics manufacturer, Henry Massonnet, in 1964, the Tam Tam stool, with its hourglass shape, has gone on to become a retro furniture favourite.

Brigitte Bardot was famously photographed whilst perched on a Tam Tam, and, more recently, Sacha Baron Cohen sparked re-production again when he was in search of the famous furniture product.

Tam Tam stools are now produced by Branex Design and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The Stone Tam Tam stool is designed to be like the faceted apperance of a jewel. It reflects the light well, with its irregular surface, and is available in a range of jewel-like colours, such as red (ruby), amber, smoke (smoky quartz), transparent (quartz) and yellow (citrine).

The stone Tam Tam stool is £109 from Made in Design.

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