Stunning Brianna art glass vessel sink

Brianna art glass vessel sink

Brianna art glass vessel sink

The days of standard, boring bathroom sinks are well and truly over and it’s now possible to find some lovely sinks that fit in with a vast range of home designs. One of the more unusual sinks on the market – and one that can’t help but get noticed – is the Brianna Art Vessel sink.

The  elegant and eye-catching Brianna Art Vessel sink features a free-form glass sink mounted on a chrome pedestal. If you’re worried about the practicality of having a glass sink, it’s good to know that the glass is made to be resistant to scratches, stains and chemicals.

It’s a lovely design and very different from the usual sinks you find in homes, so if you’re looking for something to wow your friends, this could be it.

The sink is made by JSG Oceana Decorative Glass and is available in a choice of 12 colours.

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