Karmameju storage floor cushions

Clever storage floor cushions

Clever storage floor cushions

These fab storage floor cushions by Karmameju caught our eye, as they were recently featured by NestGoodies. They’re one of the most functional storage ideas we’ve seen in ages and a great idea.

The storage cushions are, as the name suggests, designed for storing things in and they’re perfect for spare duvets or pillows. Once the duvet or pillow is stuffed in, not only do you have a clever means of storage solution, but also a practical, comfy floor cushion you can put to good use in your home.

Made by Karmameju, the storage floor cushions are available in small (£42), which fits one single duvet and a pillow, or large (£52), which can store two single duvets or one double, plus two pillows.

The storage cushions can be purchased from Nordic Elements and are available in two colours, sand and black.

Find out more about Karmameju and their range of products.

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