Beautiful metal garden lanterns

Metal lanterns

Metal lanterns

Lanterns look lovely used as a home accessory, especially when lit during the winter on dark nights. But they have another great purpose too and really come into their own when used out in the garden in the summer months.

If you’ve having a barbecue, are dining outside or simply sitting outside in your garden with a glass wine enjoying the cooler evening air, having a lantern out with you provides a lovely source of  flickering candlelight.

These metal lanterns from The White Company would do just the job and are available in three sizes (although it looks like the small may have currently sold out). The medium lantern is a good standard size, measuring 72cm by 26cm, but if you’d prefer a larger lantern, then the large is 101cm by 21cm. Both take one pillar candle .

There’s always a small risk with using candles, but having them lit in lanterns provides an extra bit of security, as the candle is enclosed within the lantern and can’t accidentally get knocked over.

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