The soothing circular rocking bed

Private Cloud rocking bed

Private Cloud rocking bed

As far as unusual beds go, this has to be one of the more unique bed designs ever produced.

The idea behind the bed is that, as children, we get used to being rocked off gently to sleep. It’s a calming and relaxing process, so why not offer a rocking bed for adults too?

The rocking bed is made from wood, which has been carefully bent to produce the wonderful rounded effect. The bed can be used in its natural state, with a gentle rocking movement, or put into a sloping position, which is great for reading in bed, sleeping or watching TV. The feet at the bottom of the construction help to keep the bed steady and stable – and if you get fed up with the rocking movement, then you can easily remove them.

The rocking bed is about to gain fame, as it’s featuring in top German TV soap, Sturm der Liebe, during the month of June. This rather nifty bed has been made by Private Cloud, and you can find out more details here.

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