Decorate children’s rooms easily with wall stickers

Bird Tree

Bird Tree

Decorating children’s rooms is often a bit of a conundrum, as no sooner have you painted or wall papered their room with their favourite cartoon character or colour, then they change their mind and like something different. And as much as children may love to have pink or train-themed when they’re seven, it’s not so much fun when they’re 14.

If you’re faced with children’s bedroom decorating dilemmas, then these wall stickers could solve your problem. Ferm LIVING  have produced some great sets of wall stickers that can be stuck on children’s bedroom walls, but easily removed when they’re bored with the design or simply fancy having them up elsewhere.

The stickers are easy to use and come complete with everything you need to successfully stick them in place. What’s more, they don’t cause damage to the surface they’re stuck on and can be used on walls, ceilings, windows or any other form of flat surface. Some even look good enough to be used in adult rooms too!

The Bird Tree Wall Stickers cost £65. Also available for children’s rooms are the Animal Tower  wall stickers, which depicts a variety of animals all stacked up in a pile and  doubles up as a height chart (£55) and the Butterflies, which are £31 for a set of 12. You can find them all – and more – online at Cloudberry Living.

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