What can you do with your old cassettes?

cassetteIf you’ve got a stash of old audio cassette tapes hidden away in a cupboard that you’re never going to play again, then here’s one possible solution to recycle them in a stylish way.

Artist Iri5 cleverly created two portraits from cassette tapes, using the inner tape ripped out of the cassette holder. The end results produced portraits of two famous names – Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

The cassette tape wall art pieces look impressive and we’re sure involve a great deal of artistic skill! But if you want to have a go and have a supply of tapes to hand,  try using a photo as a base and start creating the wall art by drawing the design with a pencil. Then add your ripped up old audio cassette tape inners to create dimension and interest, sticking them securely with glue.


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